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Updated December 2016

My Own Story about the Earthquake in Haiti

A Guided Activity Workbook available in a bilingual edition and in English


Free Download for individuals and families To download the workbook, click on the PDF symbol to the left of the title:

  Istwa Pa M Sou Tranblemanntè Ayiti a Mon Histoire Sur Le Tremblement De Terre En Haiti              Haitian Creole & French (bilingual) Kreyòl Ayisyen & Français

  My Own Story about the Earthquake in Haiti English  
A third workbook in use was developed for Haitian children who, although living outside of Haiti, are still deeply affected by their families’ and communities’ terrible losses during and after the earthquake:  
  My North American Story about the Earthquake in Haiti English  

To print and distribute an unlimited number copies of this guided activity workbook:                                                    Download the Free License Agreement for helping agencies and Disaster Relief organizations. 


The Children's Psychological Health Center offers free license agreements to print and distribute an unlimited number of copies of this workbook to helping agencies and disaster relief organizations in Haiti using this new Guided Activity Workbook to help at least 50 children traumatized by the 2010 earthquake. This offer is extended to agencies willing to administer a Mental Health Checklist contained within the workbook to at least 50 children using the workbook. Agencies will be responsible to complete a follow-up Checklist six months later for the same 50 children. The Checklist is designed to help collaborating agencies perform psychological triage among the traumatized child population. The initial and follow up checklists must be either faxed to CPHC or sent as an email attachment to Gilbert Kliman, MD. CPHC will treat the checklists as confidential, using them to create a database for improving future psychosocial services to children during disasters. Contact Gilbert Kliman, MD


My Own Story about the Earthquake in Haiti was written by a team of experienced psychological trauma workers and educators, including Board Certified Psychiatrists, Licensed Psycho|ogists, Educators, and doctoral students who are highly experienced in responding to individual, family, and large-scale emergencies.  The authors include mental health professionals and graduate students in the United States and an educator who is a school principal and children's author in Haiti.  This workbook was collaboratively developed by the Children's Psychological Health Center (San Francisco, California, USA) the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) and Ekòl Akasya (École Acacia; The Acacia School) in Pétion-Ville, Haiti. When used by children who are supervised within a small supportive social network, this resource helps promote coping, learning and healing, and reduces fears. Over 60,000 children throughout the world have used Guided Activity Workbooks previously published by The Children’s Psychological Health Center to help them cope with natural and man-made disasters.


Response to the Earthquakes in Haiti

Earlier versions of CPHC guided activity workbook have proven effective in reducing PTSD symptoms and have helped over 60,000 children in several countries. Mental health professionals, teachers, relief workers, or relatives help children to tell their stories about their own experiences, at their own pace, through drawings, writing, or dictation. The workbook strengthens children by helping them process distressing events, remember help they have given and received, and hold onto the people and values they hold dear. A PTSD checklist allows any literate adult to help determine if the child is in need of psychological services.

A guide for adults included in My Own Story about the Earthquake in Haiti provides instruction for using the workbook with individual children of different ages and with groups. A version for Haitian children raised outside of Haiti (mostly in the U.S. and Canada) is being developed by MSPP, CPHC, and Ekòl Akasya.

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

My Own Story about the Earthquake in Haiti reflects MSPP’s commitment to serving underserved and vulnerable communities in a culturally attuned and socially just manner. Therefore, this tool for strengthening resilience is  both culturally and linguistically familiar to Haitian children. Three of the authors are Haitian. MSPP doctoral student Dorothie Ferdinand and her mother Antonine Ferdinand are members of the Haitian community of Boston. Caroline Hudicourt, MEd, the director of Ekòl Akasya (The Acacia School) in Pétion-Ville  is an education professor at the Quisqueya University in Haiti. She has authored a Haitian children’s book and a book on teaching children to read and write in Haitian Creole. The workbook is beautifully illustrated by Emmanuel Flint, a Nigerian artist living in Boston. Gilbert Kliman, MD, director of the Children’s Psychological Center in San Francisco, is the original developer of the resilience-building guided activity workbook. He and his daughter, MSPP core faculty member Jodie Kliman, PhD, have collaborated closely with their Haitian colleagues to ensure that the workbook is both useful and congruent with Haitian experience. 


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